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We now have a number of riding school horses and ponies at Fox Meadow.  Available riding lessons are shown below.  Please ring to make a booking.

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meet the riding  school horses and ponies
Sparkles - 13hh 16yr old. Been there done it. In his previous home he did Pony club camp and was on the teams many years running. He now enjoys the quieter life teaching many children to ride. He still loves the older children with more experience popping him round the show jumps here!
Charlie- 11.3hh 14 yr old gelding. Excellent lead rein pony and 1st ridden.

Lyza - 16.1hh 16yr old ex show jumper. Lovely mare. Balanced paces, excellent for those wanting to learn to jump courses. Also available for part loan.

Bertha -  15.2hh 5yr old cob. Used for all standards of rider. She is a pure delight to own and ride. This lovely horse is so quick to learn and is doing a great job now in the riding school. Having arrived here from Ireland back in June, she has now come to the end of her journey and will stay with us for many years to come!!  

Big Brandy - 14hh strawberry Roan cob gelding. Its a pleasure to have a lovely pony back that we sold nearly 8 yrs ago to Claire. Clair has loaned him to us for the riding school. Brandy also has talent, so Emma has him on part loan and can be seen jumping at the local shows.

Molly - 12.1hh 13 yr old welsh pony. Such a nice pony for all the children to learn to canter on. Also excellent to hack out. Sparkles you better watch out - Molly is coming up close behind as a firm favourite!!

Teddy - 11.2hh very sweet beginners pony.

Barney - 13.2hh ex show pony, also done lots of Pony club activities. Now living the slightly quieter life. Still loves to have a jump!

Maisie  - 11.3hh Appaloosa mare, sweet nature and nice forward going pony. Great to canter!

Tinkerbell  - 13.3hh stocky cob mare, suitable for adults and children.

Princess - 13.3hh aged roan mare. Very quiet who is doing light work in the riding school. She is very beautiful.

Luke Skywalker - Lovely forward 13.1hh pony, loves jumping and very good to hack round the village and in the fields.

Todd - Quiet 12.2hh Exmoor lead rein  - good starter pony.

Lou Lou - Shetland, a bit cheeky at times, being brought on by Emma, hoping to see her working in the riding school after Christmas.

Sarg - 15.1hh  who is owned by Nadine on the yard. He takes part in some beginner adult lessons. Lovely boy.

Winston - 14.2hh suitable for more experienced riders for cantering and jumping. Kathryn is his owner and has done a great job bringing him along.

RIDING LESSONS WITH A CHARTERED Psychologist and BHs Ai at Fox Meadow
My name is Lizz Fields-Pattinson and I am a Chartered Psychologist and a BHS AI. I have been teaching and training for many years and I want to help people with their horses by coaching them to reach their goals what ever they are.
Want to achieve more?
Do you have a horse you feel you should be able to do more with? Does your horse have great ability, but you’re not able to get the best from him? Whether that’s hacking down the road, completing a dressage test or going round a cross country course often the secret to success is as much in our heads as it is in our seat. I will help you understand how your thoughts and feelings affect your riding whilst
working on your position at the same time if necessary.
Lost your confidence?
I have met many people who have bought a horse to have some fun with, only to find they spend a lot of time and money looking after it without actually doing much with it. Why? Well often something has happened that has knocked their confidence in each other and the horse has started to become more difficult to handle and ride than it was when they got it. Sound familiar? If you’re spending your time caring for your horse and watching other people have fun with it wishing it was you, give me a call or an email and we can get the two of you back together again. Call now to discuss your horse and book a private introduction session lasting approx 1hr. During this session I will assess your situation, establish what you want to achieve with your horse and what we need to do to get there.
Cost £50, future private sessions cost £40 per hr, group sessions are also available if suitable. If you can’t get your horse to Fox Meadow Equestrian don’t be put off we can discuss our options when you call.
Call Lizz directly on 07588562674

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